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Our Focus - Data Governance and Management

Our Data Management team are leaders in their field. They average in excess of 20 years' experience in the Data Management field. CMC deliver practical and achievable steps that brings data under real control and returns tangible benefits to our clients.

Our services include:

  • Data Governance - Controlling the Who, What, Why, When and Where
  • Data Management Strategy - Binding Data Management into a cohesive approach
  • Data Standards - Identifying rules to which data should adhere
  • Data Quality - Ensuring data meets standards and objectives
  • Data Cleansing - Achieving data quality in practice
  • Master Data Management - Managing data that defines or controls other data
  • Data Modelling - Designing data layouts that are fit for purpose
  • Data Warehousing - Creating databases optimised for reporting
  • Data Migration - Moving data from one system to another