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CMC - Data DNA Assessment

CMC have over twenty years of wide ranging experience in managing all types of data, smart processes developed in partnership with our clients and a leading edge data toolset. This enabling technology allows us to improve your data governance and to successfully discover, manipulate, transform and deliver high quality data solutions across the enterprise. We offer tangible business benefit, quickly, by delivering pragmatic tactical solutions to your data challenges whilst still maintaining clear focus upon your enterprise architectural governance. In short we locate, give you access to and therefore value from data assets which previously remained peripheral or unmanageable.

Managing Data as an Asset

Strong data governance is becoming a pre-requisite in the increasingly stringent regulatory environment. In some jurisdictions organisations are already compelled to demonstrate data governance practices to regulators as part of an audit, a trend that is likely to continue.

We believe that the value of data should be seen as an asset on the balance-sheet. It is also likely, if not already the case, that the quality of data will become a technical reporting metric and a key IT performance indicator.

Where data is required by regulators and access is available within the public domain, businesses should ensure consistency of reporting across domains and dominions. This will ensure transparency, improve public credibility, and manage reputational risk.

CMC believe that high quality data, combined with emerging accounting and reporting practices for measuring and assessing the value of data, will fuel increased business performance and increase competitive edge.

CMC will deliver

CMC Data Solutions will use the optimum resources both on and offshore to provide the most timely and cost effective programme to discover, locate, transform and report upon:

  • Anomalous data
  • Duplicate data
  • Redundant data
  • Master and reference data
  • High level data model and architecture

We will deliver substantial improvements to existing data

In particular within Investment Banking and Capital Markets Trading we deliver tried and tested solutions overcoming the challenges surrounding Derivatives documentation, Recovery & Resolution Planning, FATCA, CASS & Client Money Segregation.

CMC - a guaranteed outcome

We will deliver our findings in both an interactive presentation and a hardcopy report which will include the recommended transformation roadmap.

This assessment will prove the benefits of working in partnership with CMC; we are confident that the exercise will:-

  • Bridge the business and technical divide enhancing business relationships with technology services
  • Provide an understanding of critical points of failure within your data governance/architecture/infrastructure
  • Drive real change to the data governance framework within your company
  • Enhance data reporting, and the quality of the results across both Regulatory and Risk environments (we have had outstanding success within the area of both Liquidity and Capital calculation)
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory capital

We guarantee results by delivering better data understanding and significantly improved data quality in the most cost effective way and in the most timely manner!